The Farm

Justin and Heidi had been living in Boston for 7 years or so, working and attending Harvard – Justin for his Masters in Architecture, Heidi for her Principal’s Certificate.  Living in apartments and student housing with no home of their own in which to putter, they knew that purchasing one in Cambridge was a long time in the future.  So they began to look for property outside of Massachusetts, and into New Hampshire and Maine, where it is more affordable.  They wanted something to which they could drive in a couple of hours on a Friday evening and spend the weekend away from work and the city.  Heidi was teaching in the public school system and Justin worked for an organization in Finland called Sitra to which he still commutes nearly every month for a week or so.  His state side work is done on the computer and the phone.  The properties they managed to find in their search that were affordable, needed massive amounts of labor and money to be able to enjoy.

In October of 2010, Steve and I went back to Boston, and with Justin and Heidi traveled to southern Maine to look at some properties a real estate agent had selected for us to view.  After touring 4 of them, feeling a bit dismayed, she took us to the last on the list for the day.  It was an old farm –  a farm house with 18 rooms, 2 huge barns, a chicken house, and a blacksmith/crafts building situated on 2 and 1/2 acres (previously 250 acres in it’s day).  It was love at first site for all of us!  Negotiations with the descendants of the fourth owners of this farm, built over the years beginning in the late 1700’s, then began.  A price was finally agreed to and Justin and Heidi’s lives were forever changed.  A few months later, Steve and I purchased the Grange, across the street.  See the link:  Pequawket farm blog.