Our Story

In the cold, dark days of the winter of 2011, my son Justin and his wife Heidi, met the real estate agent handling the sale of the Grange (which had yet to be put on the market), and together they toured the building’s freezing interior – cell phones in hand – giving us a running commentary and video of what they were seeing.  We sat 3000 miles away at our computer, anxiously waiting to see if this upcoming purchase was something we wanted to do.  After much discussion and a lengthy period of negotiations with the Grange Master in Augusta, Maine, we settled on a price of purchase that we now regard as more than fair, though we hesitated at the time – it seeming a bit too high.

We spent the winter, spring, and summer months sending cashier’s checks to Po-Go Realty – that money mostly made through the selling of old barn wood from a barn built in 1905 on the Key Peninsula that Steve and Joe, his friend, dismantled and hauled to a storage building on our property.  The wood was sorted, sprayed for insects, and then sold via Craig’s List.  That, combined with Steve’s sale of nursery landscaping plants, and some savings that I had managed to put away, helped us to buy the Grange mortgage free.