Other Important Events 2012

To see what we consider the most important upcoming event of this year, go to Justin & Heidi’s blog:  pequawket farm.blog to see ultrasound pics of our soon to be born first grandchild!  Heidi is due February 6th, and we will be back in Boston for the big event.  We plan to stay at the farm and Steve plans to work on windows (with the weather in the teens and no heat in the Grange!) as we await news.  Meanwhile, I will be reading next to the new wood stove, which is the second big event.


Justin & Heidi bought a Jotul woodstove, which supposedly should enable them to heat the whole house as they wanted to discontinue using oil.  While we were there,  Justin rented a van, and Steve and Justin unloaded and brought the monster into it’s new home.  Not that it is big, just heavy!  Monya and I watched and waited, hoping it didn’t land on any fingers or toes.  They were successful and are now using it happily – just in time for those cold Maine nights!


Finally, we have been awaiting news on our taxes as we have not had to pay any property taxes on the Grange since we bought it.  Steve had called the town hall last spring and talked to someone who said they would be figuring out what we owe in July.  Finally this month, having heard nothing, I called the town hall again.  I talked to a nice man who said he would look into it.  Later that day he called and told me  we would not have to pay any taxes this year as it was too late and they didn’t want to refigure their budget, and “how was the weather out there?”  Needless to say, this was another surprising and joyful event of 2012!